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Notre histoire à Paris - Vellabret


If Marguerite Yourcenar said that it always takes a stroke of madness to build a destiny, for Stefanie Vella and David Bret, a crush was enough. The two young Parisians meet on the benches of the school of florists where they learn about floral techniques and share the desire to express themselves through this singular art. After they both graduate, they combine their names and their skills to create a project that resembles them: Vellabret was born ...


In this first atelier, they offer refined and subtle compositions in which we recognize their signature. The years pass, the experiences multiply and the couple sees themselves animated by a new ambition: to design tailor-made events.

Surrounded by professionals with plural and complementary expertise, they realize concepts of receptions with original and personal identity.

Listening to those who trust them, they imagine decors with eloquent charms.


From a simple private dinner to the most lavish ceremonies,

Vellabret gives reality a taste of dreamlike.


Committed and rigorous, the Vellabret teams bring together the best specialists to offer you a unique and tailor-made service.

Regarding each project, inventive professionals will push the limits to submit proposals combining technical excellence, innovation and creativity.

Sharing a common philosophy, our employees will commit to coordinating talents and combining skills to provide each client with complete satisfaction.

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